Point of sale marketing: the coupon, a great solution!

Improved planograms, on-shelf communication, visual optimisation of the shelf and products, competitive markdowns, while building a relationship of trust with the retailer, these are the objectives of merchandising. But today, the priority for consumers is to save money at all costs. Hence the increased relevance of coupon campaigns.

The annual cycle of growth pillars, which are traditionally followed by in-store merchandising plans, are marked with a red pen in the marketing managers agenda's. The aim: to increase sales, of course, but also to make the shelves more attractive to consumers who are increasingly zapping and attracted by the online world. More than 12 billion euros in online sales by 2021: online shopping is on the rise among Belgian consumers. It is one of the new modes of consumption that are developing. But there are others. Conclusion: the shopping world is becoming more and more dispersed in terms of choice. As a result, it has become very important to highlight the products on the shelves.


It is necessary to provide an exceptional customer experience in line with the economic and political reality. By playing on creativity and commercial highlights, for example. Experts agree that the shop is moving from a purely transactional function to a more relational one. This applies to all brands that put merchandising on their agenda.

The discount coupon, spearheading the emergence of shelf space.

At a time when the purchasing power of Belgians is decreasing, in line with inflation, the discount coupon market is resisting. "We have seen an increase in the number of discount coupons used all over Europe," say Evelien Deceuninck and Laurence Lanckriet, General Manager at HighCo DATA.

The discount coupon, that nice little bar code that makes consumers smile when they hear the discount beep at the checkout, comes in many forms. From distribution by a sales representative to direct marketing via a postal run, via the sales receipt, the voucher on pack, known worldwide for its flashy virtues, or even the sending of emails.

With 55% of Belgians saying they are actively looking for promotions, the coupon is a winning marketing strategy*. It makes it easy for customers to get a good deal. Consumers have understood this and are very fond of them. This mechanism really creates a virtuous effect by influencing the consumer at the point of sale, which leads to an increase in the rate of handing over, the average basket... Knowing that this mechanism also has another advantage: that of cumulating with other promotions in shop.

As the retail industry is becoming increasingly digital, the coupon is naturally following this trend. To date, it is estimated that on average a Belgian uses 7 coupons per year. A practice that is adapting with the growth of the digital e-coupon, the only tool on the market capable of measuring the in-store conversion of social network campaigns. The appearance of the mobile coupon is coming very soon. To be continued.

*VOLT study - Promotional concepts - March 2021.


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