At the end of 2017, Wavestone carried out a survey among more than 1,000 French consumers in order to analyse their purchasing behaviour.A barometer of the latest consumer trends was carried out based on three themes: purchasing behaviour in store versus online, purchasing experience and post-purchase behaviour.

Let’s take a close look at purchasing behaviour!

Who purchases online?

  • More than half of all consumers (58%) make an online purchase at least once a month. It is above all consumers among the upper socio-professional categories with children who place orders online.

Who prefers to shop in-store?

  • 53% of men compared to 44% of women
  • 63% of people aged between 60-75

The internet and digitalisation change the way consumers behave depending on the type of product or service.

Which are the most popular products/services?


  • Cleaning products: 84%
  • Food: 82%
  • Hygiene and pharmaceutical products: 66%


  • Tourism/travel: 48%
  • Tickets: 46%
  • Subscriptions: 46%

In-store and online:

  • Clothing: 38%
  • Domestic appliances: 31%
  • Computer equipment/gaming: 29%

Why do people want to continue shopping in-store?

  • To be able to test the product before purchasing (79%)
  • Because products are available immediately (60%)

Why do people purchase online?

  • For the price (78%)
  • Greater choice (59%)
  • Because they can have items delivered (51%)
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