You’re starting a promotional campaign? Then you’d better plan way ahead! There are a lot of decisions to take when launching a promo: What material to use, what type of promotion should you pick, … A lot of opportunities for disaster to strike. We’ve written down the 5 most common mistakes most marketeers made that completely botched their campaign (with sometimes HUGE investments) and how you can avoid them!

  1. “Why isn’t my promotional campaign running as well as last time?”

Imagine spending days on end preparing your campaign. You’ve chosen the right designer, printer, … and everything is sent out. You’ve used past experiences to fuel your ideas for this new campaign. It worked so perfectly back then! But when you receive your first results, you’re shocked. This campaign is scoring way less than your past campaign. What happened here?

Usually, the cause for a campaign scoring wrong starts with the very first step: deciding the objective of the campaign. Did you mean to put a new product in the spotlight? Or did you just want to get rid of excess stock? Depending on this first question you need to pose, you’ll need a different approach.

Ideally, you have a partner that can advice you, using similar campaigns from other companies in the industry. Or you can identify similar campaigns, what their objectives were and how they were built.


  1. “The bar code isn’t working. No one can make use of my campaign”

Your biggest nightmare if you’re engineering a promotional campaign: You’ve spent ten of thousands on printing an enormous amount of direct mailings, sent them out to all stores in Belgium, and then you conclude it’s all wasted due to your bar code not working.An expensive fail

A few years ago, the standard for the bar code has changed. Did you just copy the same bar code you’ve used 5 years ago? Tough luck, those bar codes won’t scan correctly today.

How can you avoid this? By checking the bar code before printing en masse! But don’t assume your printer (or agency!) will do this for you. Neither the printer, nor classic agencies have the necessary material to scan and test your bar codes. A solution is passing by us. This service is provided for free to all our clients. Because it’d be a real shame if you would get a lead role in this nightmare


  1. “I’ve printed thousands of copies of my Point of Sale material, but the quality is way off ☹”

There exists huge printing companies, specializing in everything, with many billions worth of material. However, these companies do not exist in Belgium. What Belgium does offer are several printing companies, each with their own specialization. Some know everything about stickers, others about direct mailings. Some printers are even specialized in printing holograms!

Knowing what printing company to turn to is worth gold. Do you have products that need refrigeration and like to place stickers on the packaging of your products? Then you’d better have a printer that knows stickers and will advice you to use moisture resistant ones. Imagine using one who doesn’t provide you this knowledge and having all shriveled up stickers. That would be a huge waste of budget, wouldn’t it?

  1. “This campaign isn’t going well, but we worked via an agency. Why didn’t they warn us?”

Your agency will always be to your service to help you in the best way possible. But, just like printing companies and marketers, agencies have their own specialties. Which automatically means there are agencies who know everything about promotional in-store campaigns.

When planning a campaign, you should start from knowing best practices. An agency that can provide all this info – due to a lot of experience and prior work for these kind of assignments – can help you shape up your campaign and help guarantee a success. Because perhaps just a simple direct mailing isn’t sufficient for your new product launch. You might need some more visibility in-store, maybe even a media budget!

  1. “Not enough budget? Let’s save costs and re-use our e-coupons in-store”

A very realistic situation: you’ve had several projects you wanted to launch this year. Unfortunately, some of those costed way more than budgeted. Which means you might not have as much funds as requested for your planned promotional campaign. “Luckily”, you might say, “We still have an e-coupon here from last year. Let’s print this, saving quite some funds on design, and distribute these to stores for more sales.”

Sorry to break it to you, but you’re going to waste the little budget you still had left for 0 return on investment. Your coupons won’t work. The bar code and validity are totally different when comparing e-coupons and printed coupons. Don’t be afraid to consult your situation with us!

If you’re starting a promotional campaign in-store, you better plan well and work well. Start with the right partners from the outset and you’ll have your campaign flourishing – and yourself being hailed for some amazing results! Interested in how we can help? Tell us and we’ll be more than happy to help!


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