The impact of the gdpr on your promotional actions

The General Data Protection Regulation, better known as ‘GDPR’, will come into force on the 25th of May 2018. One simple Google search currently brings up over 20,000,000 results on this topic, but it’s hard to see the wood for the trees! We therefore thought it is high time to ask Evelien Deceuninck, our DPO, and Pieter De Proost, our Sales Manager Digital Solutions & Online Media, some very specific questions about the impact of this legislation on promotional campaigns. Let’s hear their opinion.

What will change after May, 25 and what impact does this have for our customers?

Evelien: “It is first and foremost important to know, as a marketer, what is changing for the consumer. The GDPR is mainly created  to better protect the consumer so that he knows exactly what will happen with his data, and that he can decide at any time to view his data and / or have them removed.

Pieter: “For a marketer it is still perfectly possible to process personal data and plan promotional campaigns, only they will have to communicate more clearly and transparently. Marketeers also need to know that they risk losing all their data if they didn’t use an opt-in (or used a wrong opt-in). It is also important to know that having access to data without actively using this data, is also a form of processing and thus covered by the GDPR legislation.”

Evelien: “The law is clear - if the rules set out by the GDPR are not complied with, a fine of 4% of the groups turnover, or a sum of maximum 20 million euros, can be imposed.”

Then how should marketeers proceed?

Pieter:  “I would say ‘Keep calm’ and don’t hesitate to ask us for advice. We have the expertise and have received extra training to make all promotional activities GDPR-compliant.”

Evelien: “Organise and structure data better! Today we often see customers that collect consumer data but no longer know where they are stored and what information they have available. These days, data is key and it would be a shame to lose it. But be careful with it and use it in the correct way. At HighCo DATA we have established the necessary procedures and we have contracts at our disposal that clearly define the way of data processing on behalf of our clients.”

What solutions can we offer?

Pieter: "Obtaining opt-ins is much easier when using promotional campaigns and games. In an e-coupon campaign, for example, we see that more than 50% of users opt-in. Simply the concept of giving and taking. The current generation is very aware of the value of their data and according to a recent survey they would be willing to provide information in exchange for a relevant discount.* So, we can definitely offer support and advice and ensure that the communication with the database is optimal and that opt-ins are drawn up in accordance with the legislation.”

Evelien: "We also made the necessary investments to guide our customers through this process as best as we can. I am a certified DPO (Data Protection Officer) and, on top of setting up the internal procedures, I can also advise customers in preparing promotional campaigns if necessary.

EVELIEN DECEUNINCK is HighCo DATA’s Chief Financial Officer and was recently appointed Data Protection Officer as data processing is at the core of our business.

PIETER DE PROOST is HighCo DATA’s Digital Solutions & Online Media Sales Manager. He supports customers in setting up online campaigns and ensures they fully comply with the GDPR regulation.

Thank you Evelien and Pieter.

*Accenture, Industry Report, “Who are the Millennial shoppers? And what do they really want?”, 2013.

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